Biomarker Services (Luminex/Mescoscale)

Pharmacelsus supports the entire process of preclinical drug development: pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, toxicology, in order to predict the risk of harmful reactions and help you to choose the most suitable candidate for clinical trials.


Using leading-edge multi-array technologies we offer multiplex high-throughput detection, quantification and characterization of Biomarkers (cytokines, hormones, enzymes) and Biopharmaceuticals (e.g. monoclonal antibodies) in different biological matrices from pre-clinical (non-GLP/GLP) as well as clinical studies (GCLP).

These technologies require only small sample volumes, while it doesn‘t mater if it has its origin in in-vitro or in-vivo sources. They allow multiple readouts on a single sample with high sensitivity and reliability.

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Fibrose-Partnerschaft von Brainomix und Boehringer Ingelheim

Im Rahmen einer F&E-Partnerschaft bewertet Boehringer Ingelheim den Nutzen von Brainomix‘ KI-gestützter Lungen-CT bei der Frühdiagnose progressiver Lungenfibrose. Die erst seit Mai 2024 FDA-zugelassene KI der britischen Brainomix (Oxford) soll an führenden pulmologischen Zentren in den USA validiert werden.


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